Very Simple Platformer is a platformer game prototype that would took player by surprise when they reach a certain point in the game. You better orientate your sense quickly to keep up with it.


The theme for this prototype was "Portrait"

To put it bluntly, I could not come up with a good idea playing around the theme so I went for a comedic route of taking "Portrait" as an orientation

That being said, it was still interesting dealing with the camera to make this prototype work. Surely it is not super enjoyable due to the lack of polishing the feel of it and how shallow the concept is. But it is a still an okay experience for me making it.  


This is a student project. It is not meant to be used for commercial context.

I hope you enjoy the game.


Install instructions

For Browser version, you should be able to play it on here right away.

For Window, download the ZIP file then extract it. Open the file named Walking Simulator and you should be good to go.


Download 18 MB

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