The Bizarre Case of Johan Family is a horror visual novel game that parody a famous manga into a horror story.


This is basically my second digital game I made and the first one after I enrolled NYU Game Center.

I had a rough time working on this since my laptop at the time somehow does not function well. That resulted in my having about 1 week to work on this instead of the supposed 2 weeks.

Still, it was a ride. I got to discover how fast and how focus I could on designing and drawing each panel of the game with such tight schedule. I got to use a lot of creativity to lessen my workload as much as possible which lead to some interesting composition of black/white in each panel. And what could be more fun than trying to draw in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure art style?


This is a student project. It is not meant to be used for commercial context.

I hope you enjoy the game.



The Bizarre Case of Johan Family (Window).zip 133 MB

Install instructions

For Browser version, you should be able to play it on here right away.

For Window, download the ZIP file then extract it. Open the game file and you should be good to go.


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My heart still beating hard after the game

I didn't wanna sleep tonight, so I wanted to play a horror game...

I was not disappointed

slow clap