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A prototype of UI system with the goal to recreate Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division UI system in a first-person shooting context.

In pursuit of learning the Unreal Engine 4 UI system, I decided to use an existing game as a base for prototyping. This way, I can explore the technical side of it without putting too much time into design and asset creation.

For that purpose, Tom Clancy's The Division futuristic interface fit the goal perfectly.  With its clean yet stylized design with holographic effects, I manage to learn a lot about the UE4 widget and UI canvas logic, material manipulation, and some post-processing workflow. 


The prototype itself is a template FPS level you can create in UE4 accompanied with UI systems and visual effects I implemented as well as some gameplay adjustment. It doesn't offer much gameplay-wise but I hope you would enjoy how the UI system and effects come together in this prototype. 


TechUIPrototype.zip 472 MB


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