I love POP music is a rhythm game prototype that would take you by a surprise...hopefully.


The theme for this prototype is "an amusing Rhythm game".

I did not pay focus much in the amusing part and basically just want relate some specific action into the rhythm mechanic that is more literal than pressing right button at the right time. And somehow I came up with the head banging in heavy metal music.

At first I was trying to be ambitious and try to make the game detect player movement from a webcam and see if they are head banging at the right moment or not. Of course, being super mediocre at coding as I am, I failed to do so. So I end up just using mouse drag to lets player head banging the character with funky physics instead. A good old weird physics always work for funny effect.

After that I just bring up pop music as a joke. Nothing particularly deep about it.


This is a student project. It is not meant to be used for commercial context.

I hope you enjoy the game.



WindowBuild.zip 23 MB

Install instructions

For Browser version, you should be able to play it on here right away.

For Window, download the ZIP file then extract it. Open the game file and you should be good to go.

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